Tenneco Systems Protection (TSP) is the world’s foremost supplier of protective sleeving and shielding solutions for wires, hoses, and mechanical assemblies.

As the proud designer and manufacturer of Bentley-Harris products, we offer a comprehensive line of high quality solutions intended to protect or improve system performance across a broad range of applications.

With industry recognition through specifications from all major aircraft manufacturers worldwide, Tenneco's aerospace / defense product line provides specially designed solutions to various segments of the aircraft market, including large commercial aircraft, fighter jets, business jets, regional jets, UAVs, and satellites.

  • IFE / Aircraft Seat Wiring
  • Jet Engine Hoses
  • Jet Wings
  • VTP / HTP Aircraft
  • Aircraft pylons
  • Aircraft galleys
  • Aircraft cockpit door
  • Airframe wire harnesses
  • Aircraft Fuselage

We deliver a full line of high quality solutions intended to protect or improve system performance across a broad range of applications, including:

  • IFE / Aircraft Seat Wiring
  • Jet Engine Hoses
  • Wings
  • VTP / HTP
  • Pylons
  • Galleys
  • Cockpit Doors
  • Airframe Wire Harnesses
  • Fuselage

Functional Solutions
With dedicated product lines focused on reducing the effects of mechanical wear, impact damage, and thermal degradation, TSP can help to extend component life and reduce service cost. Additionally, complementary product families target thermal insulation, reduction of electromagnetic interference, and noise attenuation, as well as bundling and routing control, to ensure that systems operate at optimum levels and deliver the ideal user experience.

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Engineering and Technology
Tenneco Systems Protection (TSP) takes pride in being a solution provider and partner to our customers. Utilizing a customer focused approach to quickly solve technical problems and support customer challenges, we aim to deliver the right solution for each application. From engineering in the field through new product design and testing, we strive to provide excellent engineering & technical support in all aspects of the engineering process.

TSP’s world-class technology centers utilize state-of-the art test equipment to simulate real-life conditions, identify root causes, and evaluate product performance. Our continually expanding testing capabilities help to support our customer’s needs including qualification, validation, and application specific testing.

TSP is committed to listening to its customers and continually evolving its product portfolio to meet the challenges and demands of the ever-changing marketplace. Drawing from a broad range of capabilities, and utilizing a variety of different materials, constructions, and design features, we can create
new innovative product designs to meet the needs for performance, survivability, and installation.

About Tenneco Systems Protection
Tenneco Systems Protection (TSP) was founded in 1924 as Bentley-Harris and acquired by Federal-Mogul in 1998. It built its foundation as a North American manufacturer of insulation sleeving for electronics and expanded into the aerospace market in the 1960’s and the automotive market in the 1980’s.

Today TSP continues to grow into new markets and geographic regions in order to meet our customers’ ever-changing needs. With sales offices, technical centers, and manufacturing facilities located throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia, TSP continues to deliver innovative products to a broad customer base within a number of different markets including automotive, aerospace, defense, and railway, as well as a host of other transportation and industrial segments.

As the market leader of protective sleeving and shielding solutions, our goal is to deliver value through continual improvement in our products and processes by focusing on innovative product solutions, superior engineering and technical support, outstanding customer service, manufacturing excellence, and global presence.